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Information for Authors

Algerian journal of Natural sciences is the official Journal of Tebessa University (Algerian J. Nat. Sci.) publishes papers on a broad range of topics of general interest to those working on the Natural sciences. All papers accepted for publication in Algerian J. Nat. Sci. will appear simultaneously online. The journal will soon be indexed in most reputation databases.

Submitting a Manuscript

All manuscripts must be submitted to Algerian J. Nat. Sci.’s email: / an ID number will be sent to the corresponding author, all future contacts will use this ID.

Fees: there are no charges of submission/publication of an article with Algerian journal of Natural sciences.

General Information

Types of Articles

The Algerian J. Nat. Sci. publishes original research papers, short papers and mini reviews.


In submitting a manuscript to Algerian J. Nat. Sci., all authors must agree to follow Guidelines for Responsible Conduct Regarding Scientific Communication. Manuscripts with multiple authors are reviewed with the explicit understanding that all authors have seen and approve of the submitted version and agree to abide by the journal’s policies.

Manuscripts that have been referred to the SfN Ethics Committee because an alleged violation of the Ethics Policy may not be withdrawn from consideration for publication until the Ethics Committee has rendered a final decision to the authors.

-      Policy on Ethics

It is expected that authors submitting papers to Algerian J. Nat. Sci.  will have conducted their work in strict accordance with the journal’s Policy on Ethics. AJNS follows the recommended procedures outlined by COPE when dealing with allegations of misconduct.

-      Policies on the Use of Animals and Humans in Researches

All animal experimentation reported in Algerian J. Nat. Sci. must have been conducted in accordance with the Policies on the Use of Animals and Humans in Researches.

Algerian J. Nat. Sci. generally does not consider manuscripts that have been previously published. Exceptions are made for published abstracts, theses, and posters or manuscripts that have been posted on the Internet for the purpose of receiving commentary from the community. Online posting is typically done at a prepublication repository that has been designed for the purpose, but posting on an institutional web site or other Internet location is acceptable.

It is essential that the authors retain the copyright for any pre-published material that they submit to Algerian J. Nat. Sci., and that they are willing and able to relinquish to Algerian J. Nat. Sci. any copyrights and/or licenses that Algerian J. Nat. Sci. requires for publication of accepted manuscripts. Authors should realize that other journals might not consider pre-published material and that prepublication will restrict their alternatives when a manuscript is not accepted by Algerian J. Nat. Sci.

-      Copyright Policy

Copyright of all material published in The Journal remains with the authors. The authors grant the Algerian J. Nat. Sci.  an exclusive license to publish their work for the first 6 months. After 6 months the work becomes available to the public to copy, distribute, or display under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Preparing a Manuscript

Organization of the Manuscript

Manuscripts must be written in English. The entire text should be double-spaced, including references. Submitting an incomplete manuscript or a manuscript that does not adhere to the word limits will cause a delay in review.

Multiple-part papers are discouraged. Although this arrangement is sometimes necessary, authors will often be asked to collapse multiple papers into a single manuscript.

Authors may host supporting material on an external web site by providing a URL pointing to that site and a brief description of its contents. No reference may be made to this URL or supplemental material, or any other author site, in the manuscript text.

Manuscripts must include the following sections in the order listed:

· Title Page

· Abstract

· Significance Statement (120 maximum)

· Introduction (650 words maximum, including citations)

· Materials & Methods

· Results & Discussion

· References

All lines of text should be numbered. Line numbers are automatically added in Microsoft Word documents.

Brief Communications are subject to the same word restrictions, with the additional requirement that the abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, references, and figure legends cannot exceed 4500 words.

Title Page

The first page of the manuscript should be a title page with the following:

· Title (50 words maximum)

· Author names and affiliations, including postal codes

· Corresponding author with complete address, including an email address and postal code

· Number of pages

· Number of figures, tables, multimedia

· Conflict of Interest

· Acknowledgements

Abstract (250 words maximum, including citations)

The abstract should be clearly written and readily comprehensible to the broad readership of Algerian J. Nat. Sci.. It should provide a concise summary of the objectives, methodology (including the species studied), key results, and major conclusions of the study. It should be written in complete sentences, without subheadings.

Introduction (650 words maximum, including citations)

The Introduction should briefly indicate the objectives of the study and provide enough background information to clarify why the study was undertaken and what hypotheses were tested.

Materials and Methods

The materials and methods section should be brief but sufficient to allow other investigators to repeat the research. Reference should be made to published procedures wherever possible; this applies to the original description and pertinent published modifications. The sex of subjects should be stated. All companies from which materials were obtained should be listed. If materials were obtained from an individual, an affiliation for that individual should be listed. A manuscript that presents only a theory may omit the Materials and Methods section.

List of Some Standard Abbreviations

Nonstandard abbreviations should be used only if a term appears two or more times. Spell out the term at first occurrence, and introduce the abbreviation by placing it in parentheses after the term. Units should conform to the International System of Units.


This section should present clearly but succinctly the experimental findings. Only results essential to establish the main points of the work should be included.

Numerical data should be analyzed using appropriate statistical tests. Authors must provide detailed information for each statistical test applied including: the type of test; specific p values (not > or <); degrees of freedom; population size; definition of population (e.g., number of individual measurements, number of animals, number of slices, number of times treatment was applied, etc.); and if performed, what correction was used to adjust for multiple pairwise comparisons.


The discussion section should be as concise as possible and should include a brief statement of the principal findings, a discussion of the validity of the observations, a discussion of the findings in light of other published work dealing with the same or closely related subjects, and a statement of the possible significance of the work. Extensive discussion of the literature is discouraged. This section may be merged with the Results section


Only published and "in press" (i.e., accepted for publication in a specific journal or book) references should appear in the reference list at the end of the paper.

References should be cited in the text as follows: (Name, 1978) or (Name and Name, 1979) and (Name et al., 1980),"or with multiple references, in chronological order: Earlier reports, recent report.

In the list of references papers should be given in alphabetical order according to the surname of the first author. If the author list for a paper in the references exceeds 6, the paper should be cited as Author A et al. The following illustrate the format to be used:

Journal article

Author A., Author A., Author E., Author B. 1981. Title. Algerian J. Nat. Sci. 391:85-100.


Author B. 1984. Title. N° Edition, Vol. selected pages or chapter.

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