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01 Tadjer Sid Ahmed, Habi Idir, El Ganaoui Mohamed, Angel Scipioni Direct components extraction of voltage in photovoltaic active filter  connected in a perturbed electrical network (based on robust PLL  algorithm) The quality and performances of the compensation of harmonic currents depends strongly on the performances of the  identification blocks of control side of the photovoltaic generators used as active filters. Then,... Lien
02 Nizar Jamal Haddad, Wahida Loucif-Ayad, Noureddine Adjlane,DeeptiSaini, Rushiraj Manchiganti,
Venkatesh Krishnamurthy
, Banan AlShagoor, Ahmed Mahmud Batainh
, Raja Mugasimangalam
Draft genome sequence of the Algerian beeApis mellifera intermissa Apis mellifera intermissais the native honeybee subspecies of Algeria.A. m. intermissaoccurs in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, between the Atlas and... Lien
03 Mohand KESSAL, Rachid BOUCETTA, Mohammed ZAMOUM
Numerical modeling of transients in gas pipeline A  set  of  equations  governing  an  isothermal  compressible  fluid  flow  is  analytically  and  numerically  analyzed.  The  obtained... Lien
04 Yahia Benmoussa, Jalil Boukhobza , Yassine Hadjadj Aoul , Djamel Benazzouz, Loïc Lagadec Behavioral System Level Power Consumption  Modeling of Mobile V ideo Streaming Applications Nowadays,  the  use  of  mobile  applications  and
terminals  faces  fundamental  challenges  related  to  energy  constraint. This is due to the limited...
 Shear-thinning  fluids flows  coupled  with  heat  transfer  are  encountered  in  most  of  industrial applications related to chemical, ... Lien
06 Rahouadja ZARITA, Madjid HACHEMI Microchannel Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer By Lattice Boltzmann Method Micro flow has become a popular field of interest due to the advent of micro electromechanical systems
(MEMS). In this work,...
07 Lyes SAAD SAOUD, Fayçal RAHMOUNE, Victor TOURTCHINE, Kamel BADDARI Quaternion neural network to forecast the daily solar irradiation In this paper,  the quaternion neural network for forecasting the daily solar irradiation is proposed. A
method  to  transform  the  complex  valued  daily  meteorological  parameters  to  quaternion  numbers  is...
08 Farida BERKANI, Ali BELAKROUF The permeability at ions chlorinates as indicator
of durability of concretes
The reinforced concrete works are exploited in environments of different degrees of aggressiveness.  The durability of these works depends on nature on cement, the granular components,... Lien
09 Alem Saïd and Benazzouz Djamel New Structural Approach for Bond Graph to Digraph Conversion:
a Sensor Placement Optimisation for Fault Detection and Isolation
In this paper, we propose a new structural and qualitative approach to convert from Bond Graph to
Digraph representation of a structural system...
10 Taha Benikhlef, Djamel Benazzouz An integrated platform of chemically reacting modeling into dynamic  probabilistic risk assessment An integrated platform  of dynamic  risk  assessment using the Theory of Stimulated Dynamics (TSD) is developed for  chemical and... Lien
11 S. Kebbouche-Gana , M.L. Gana Role of the Injection Water Microorganisms on
Corrosion of Fiberglass in TFT Algerian Oil Fields
he most severe corrosion due to bacterial  activity in pipe  steel  for  the  transportation  of  water  and  the  injection systems  is  influenced  by  sulphate  reducing  bacteria  (SRB),... Lien
12 Naima Ghemmit-Doulache, Nassima Morsli, Nadia Slimani Recuperation of Silver from Wastewater of Miroiterie of Thenia  (Algeria)  In  Algeria,  the  nonexistence  of  silver  mines  makes  it  particularly  rarer  than  its  classification
among the precious metals imposes its metal recuperation. The objective of this study is electrodeposition of...
13 M.Hamiane,I.Djefour,H.Merabet, D.Bouallala, A.Zekagh,Y.Turki, M.Saidi Earthen Architectural Heritage (Rehabilitate the earthen
construction in Saharan areas for sustainable development) Case
of Wilaya of Adrar
The raw earth is a material used for millennia across all continents. Earthen architecture has
many benefits, not only in technical terms (thermalinertia), ...
14 Nabil Khelifati, Djoudi Bouhafs, Seddik-El-Hak Abaidia, Abd El-Ghani Boucheham, Baya Palahouane, Messaoud Boumaour Impact of Phosphorus Diffusion Gettering on HEM Multicrystalline Silicon Wafer Taken from Different Ingot Regions In this present contribution, we investigate the effect of extended phosphorus diffusion (PD) gettering on the electrical quality of p-type HEM mc-Si wafers. The study was made for three sets of wafers taken from top,... Lien
One of functional parameters which have a big influence on the reliability of machine is the surface quality of  mobile and immobile parts. The quality  working ability of the surface in contact is depending  of their surfaces  strength.  In  this  regard, ... Lien
16 T. Youssef, M. Chadli , M. Zelmat Synthesis of a Unknown Inputs Proportional Integral Observer for
TS Fuzzy Models
In  this  paper,  synthesis  conditions  of  a
proportional integral observer  for a  Takagi-Sugeno  (TS)  fuzzy  models  subject to  unknown  inputs and...
17 Dahbia Akroum-Amrouche,  Nadia Abdi,  Hakim Lounici,  Nabil Mameri Biohydrogen  production  by  dark  and  photo­
fermentation  processes
he  hydrogen  can  be  produced  in  a  biological  production  process  by  dark  and  photo-fermentation  of  organic  substrates.  Under  anaerobic  conditions,...  Lien
Study of Mechanical and Thermomechanical
Properties of Jute/Epoxy
Composite Laminate
This article presents the development and the characterization of composite material (laminate) containing natural jute fiber reinforcement. Thermal characterization of... Lien
19 M. Bettayeb , E. Bouali, N. Abdelbaki, M. Gaceb Establishment of a database and a classification of the defects
in the metal of pipes according to their severity
Given the distances between areas of production and consumption of hydrocarbons, transport by pipeline is the  most competitive means. These pipelines made of metal pipes can contain several types of ... Lien
20 Salah. Boudaoud,Abdallah Khellaf,Kamel. Mohammedi Solar Tower Plant Implementation in Northern
Algeria: Technico Economic Assessment
The  present  work  deals  with  the  technical  feasibility  of central  receiver  system  using  solar... Lien
21 F. Bouaïcha,M-F. Mosbah,M. Hamel,
F. Benmaamar,A. Amira,T. Guerfi,A. Haouam,
L. Ozyuzer
Effect of Al Substitution on Structural and Electrical Properties of Bi1.6Pb0.4Sr2CaCu2−xMxO8+δSuperconducting Ceramics In this work we study the effect on structural and electrical properties of superconducting compound... Lien
22 Samia Saoula, Smail Haddadi, Khedidja Ait Mokhtar The Study of the Improvement of Mechanical Performance of Asphalt
Modified by the Optimization of Mixing Time of EVA Bitumen
To improve the performances of a bitumen, the mixing time of bitumen-EVA is  studied using two contents of EVA (3 and 5%). For the study analytical and chemical tests are ... Lien
23 M. A. Mellal, S. Adjerid, D. Benazzouz, S. Berrazouane, E. J. Williams Obsolescence optimization of electronic and mechatronic components by
considering dependability and energy consumption
Nowadays, rapid technological progress influences the dependability of equipments and also causes rapid obsolescence.
The mechatronic and...
24 D. Benazzouz, M. Amrani, S. Adje rid Back-Propagation Algorithm Used for Tuning Parameters  of ANN to Supervise a Compressor in a Pharmachemical
This paper presents the retro-propagation algorithm for tuning the parameter of Artificial Neural Networks
used by pharmachemical industry. The obtained numerical test results on lubrication and
25 IDIR Abdelhakim, KIDOUCHE Madjid, ZELMAT Mimoune, AHRICHE Aimad A Comparative Study between DTC, SVM-DTC and SVM-DTC with PI  Controller of Induction Motor Direct Torque Control is a control technique in AC
drive systems to obtain  high performance torque control. The
conventional  DTC  drive  contains  a  pair  of ....
26 Tahar BENMESSAOUD, Kamal MOHAMMEDI, Youcef SMAILI Influence of Maintenance on the Performance of a Wind farm his article focuses on the modeling and simulation of the performance of a wind farm with the objective of defining an optimal maintenance. Considered as an alternative source of clean energy,... Lien
27 Mohammed ZAMOUM,Mohand KESSAL Analysis of cavitating flow through a venturi A dynamical study of a bubbly flows in a transversal  varying  section duct (Venturi), is modeled by the
use  of  the  mass  and  momentum  phases  equations,  ...
28 IDIR Abdelhakim, KIDOUCHE Madjid, ZELMAT Mimoune, AHRICHE Aimad A Comparative Study between DTC, SVM-DTC and SVM-DTC with PI  Controller of Induction Motor  Direct Torque Control is a control technique in AC
drive systems to obtain  high performance torque control. The
conventional  DTC  drive  contains  a  pair  of ...
29 Naima Boudieb,
 M. Bounoughaz,
A. Bouklachi
The Effect of Surfactants on the Efficiency of Lead Acid Batteries The aim of this study is to show the effect of two phosphonate surfactants (PS) on the electrochemical behavior of the negative plate of lead-acid battery in the sulfuric acid medium. The characterization of the electrode interface was investigated at room Lien
30 N. Ouslimani, M. Maallem ADSORPTION OF DYES YELLOW BEMACID CM-3R  AND RED BEMACID CL-BN200 BY A SODIC BENTONITE The rejections of textile industry are strongly charged in various dyes, which imposes their treatments. The most
current method is to adsorb them on solids having specific large surface,...
31 M.  Kezrane,  A.  Guittoumb,  N.  Boukherroub,  S.  Lamrani,  T.  Sahraoui Mössbauer  and  X-ray  diffraction  studies  of  nanostructured  Fe70Al30powders
elaborated  by  mechanical  alloying
We  have  studied  the  effect  of  milling  time  on  the  structural  and  hyperfine  properties  of  Fe70Al30compound  elaborated  by  mechanical  alloying.  The  elaboration  was  performed  with  a  vario-planetary  ball Lien
32 S. Maamri, M. Amrani
Biogas production from waste activated sludge using cattle dung
inoculums: Effect of total solid contents and kinetics study
Thermophilic anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge (WAS) was experimentally studied in this research. WAS using
cattle dung inoculums with total solids
33 M. Kesraoui , O. Bencherouda , Z. Mesbahi Power Control of a PMSG based Wind Turbine System  Above Rated Wind Speed Variable  speed  wind  turbines  have  a  capability  to  deliver  more  power  than  the  fixed
speed  ones,  ...
34 Bouziani Tayeb, Benmounah Abdelbaki, Bederina Madani, Lamara Mohamed Effect of Marble Powder on the Properties of Self-Compacting Sand
elf-compacting sand concrete (SCSC) can be regarded as a flowing sand concrete, containing as principal aggregate natural sand, which can be cast without compaction or vibration. Due to the finesses of aggregates in SCSC,... Lien
35 Mohamed Arezki Mellal, Smail Adjerid, Edward J. Williams Optimal Selection of Obsolete Tools in Manufacturing  Systems Using Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm Technological obsolescencehas an impact on the lifecycle of tools in manufacturing systems. In our work,
a model dealing with the replacement of obsolete items based on a modern evolutionary algorithm, ...
36 Nesrine Lenchi,OzgulInceoglu, Salima Kebbouche-Gana, Mohamed Lamine Gana, Marc LlirosPierre Servais, Tamara Garcıa-Armisen Diversity of Microbial Communities in Production and Injection Waters of Algerian Oilfields Revealed by 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon 454 Pyrosequencing The microorganisms inhabiting many petroleum reservoirs are multi-extremophiles capable of surviving in environments
with high temperature, pressure and salinity. Their activity influences oil quality and....
37 Mohamed Arezki Mellal,  Smaïl Adjerid,  Djamel Benazzouz MODELING AND SIMULATION OFMECHATRONIC SYSTEM TO  INTEGRATED DESIGN OF SUPERVISION : USING A BOND  GRAPH APPROACH The research in mechatronicsfocuses on the design and  implementation of reliable, Lien
38 M.  Abbas,  S.  Kaddour,  M.  Trari Kinetic  and  equilibrium  studies  of  cobalt  adsorption  on  apricot  stone
activated  carbon
The  activated  carbon  from  apricot  stone  with  H3PO4and  its  ability  to  remove  Co
2+ are  reported.  The  FTIR
spectroscopy  brings  insights  on  interactions  between  the  functional  groups  of  ...
39 M. ARBAOUI, F. ROBBE-VALLOIRE Caractérisation du pouvoir lubrifiant
des huiles en frottement abrasif
La solution pour diminuer les dégradations des surfaces mécaniques ainsi que le frottement consiste à  introduire un troisième corps ou un lubrifiant dans Lien
40 F. Chelli, R. Tala-Ighil, S. Sali, S. Oussalah,M. Boumaour, F. Tayour,Y. Si-Ahmed Mesure statistique de la résistance de contact d’une grille  sérigraphiée pour cellules solaires au silicium multicristallin La métallisation par sérigraphie est une des étapes les plus importantes dans la  technologie d’élaboration des cellules solaires pour une production à... Lien
41 M.O. Challali, I. Belaidi,K. Mohammedi, A. Belaidi,Guy Ishiomin Application et adaptation de la triangulation de Delaunay pour la reconstruction de surfaces. La reconstruction intéresse plusieurs domaines d'application etde recherche. Parmiceux-cinous trouvons: lagénération d'un modèleCAO,... Lien
42 M. HAMMADI , M. BOUNOUGHAZ , R. C. BOUKAL, S. CHIKH INFLUENCE DES SULFATES ET DES BACTERIES DANS  LA CORROSION ET LA FORMATION DE BIOPILES La corrosion induite par les microorganismes est responsable de la dégradation des installations pétrolières utilisant
l’eau en grande quantité pour le maintien de la pression dans...
43 H. CHEMANI Valorisation des déchets solides d’huilerie et leuradjonctiondans les masses pour fabrication des tuiles de terre cuite, en
vue d’améliorer leurs propriétés physico-mécaniques
La  prise  de  conscience  de  l’impact  de  l’activité  humaine  sur  la  dégradation  de  l’environnement  est
aujourd’hui devenue globale.  Un grand intérêt est porté pour valoriser les déchets provenant des différents...
44 Bachir Chemani,  Halima Chemani Effect of Adding Sawdust on Mechanical-
Physical Properties of Ceramic Bricks to Obtain  Lightweight Building Material
This paper studies the application of a variety of  sawdust materials in the production of lightweight insulating bricks.  First, the mineralogical and... Lien
45 Mohamed ZAMOUM1, Lounès TADRIST, Hervé COMBEAU, Mohand KESSAL Etude expérimentale des transferts de chaleur en  ébullition nucléée sur un site artificiel isolé :  Influence de l’orientation de la paroi L’objectif de cette étude est de contribuer à une meilleure compréhension des transferts de
chaleur en régime d’ébullition nucléée. Il s’agit de déterminer les paramètres...
46 T. Rayane, A. Djimli, S. Maamir? B. Zeghmati
Convection naturelle thermique et solutale entre enceintes parallélépipédiques
avec transvasement
ous présentons une étude numérique des transferts simultanés de chaleur et de masse en  convection naturelle qui se déroulent au sein de deux cavités rectangulaires... Lien
Valorisation des déchets solides d’huilerie et leuradjonction  dans les masses pour fabrication des tuiles de terre cuite, en
vue d’améliorer leurs propriétés physico-mécaniques
La  prise  de  conscience  de  l’impact  de  l’activité  humaine  sur  la  dégradation  de  l’environnement  est
aujourd’hui devenue globale.  Un grand intérêt est porté pour valoriser les déchets provenant des différents...
Dans cet article, nous abordons la problématique de l’interrogation de corpus de documents XML de structures hétérogènes.  En effet,  ... Lien
49 Mohand Akli SAHALI, Idir BELAIDI,Roger SERRA, Hicham CHIBANE, Optimisation    robuste    de    la    qualité    de    surface
usinée    et    de    la    productivité    sous    la    limitation
des    vibrations
Dans  cette  contribution,  nous  présentons  une  optimisation  robuste  des  paramètres  de  coupe,... Lien
L’utilisation des superplastifiants comme défloculant se généralise de plus en plus. Ce  travail a pour objectif d’étudier l’action du PC et PNS sur les pâtes des ciments CEM et CRS.  Les résultats obtenus,... Lien