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01 Faouzia Zemani-Fodil, Meriem Abdi, Mostefa Fodil, Meriem Samia Aberkane, Naima Mesli, Mohamed Belazaar, Malika Mehalhal, Yasmina Rahal, Hadj Touhami
, Nadhira Saidi-Mehtar
, Abdallah Boudjema
Factor 8 Gene Mutations and Risk of Inhibitor Development in Hemophilia  A Algerian Patients Neutralizing inhibitors development toward factor VIII is one of the most challenging complications
in the treatment of hemophilia A. Several studies have suggested that genetic factors influence the development of factor VIII inhibitors such as ethnicity,...
02 K. Khelloufi, Y. Baara, N. Zekri Role of weighting and long-range connections on the dynamics of front propagation Percolation and non-equilibrium front propagation in a two-dimensional network modeling wildfire spread is studied. The model includes two long-range interactions; ... Lien
03 Z. Nougrara Development of Algorithms for the Study of the
Image in Digital Form for Satellite Applications: Extraction of a Road Network and Its Nodes
In this paper we propose a novel methodology for
extracting a road network and its nodes from satellite images of Algeria country....
, BOUTIBA Zitouni
Assessment of Contamination by Xenobiotics (Lead and Cadmium) in the Muscle Tissue of
two Teleost Spotted Weever
Metals  pollutants  differ  from  other  chemical  pollutants  by  a  low  biodegradability  and  a  high  capacity  to bioaccumulate along the food chain,... Lien
05 Mustapha Bordjane,David Chalet Numerical Investigation Of Throttle Valve Flow
Characteristics For Internal Combustion
 Gas exchange processes of internal
combustion  engines  have  an  important  effect  on
engine performances, ...
06 Ikram Benkabouche Bekadja, Salim Mouffok, Zitouni Boutiba Biology of the deepwater rose shrimp  Parapenaeus longirostris
(Lucas,  1846)  from  the  Oranian  coast  of  Western
The Crustaceans have an important place thanks to their value bargains (market).Owing to the strong demand on the  world  market  of  the  Crustacean  Décapodes,... Lien
07 Kheira Lakel, Fatima Bendella Dynamic Evaluation of Ontologies The automatic constructionof ontologies from texts is a topic of continued and open research, their construction requires both astudyof human knowledge, ... Lien
08 Sid Ahmed Sabeur First steps toward the construction of a hyperphase
diagram that covers different classes of short polymer
We present the results of a multicanonical Monte Carlo study of flexible and wormlike polymer chains,
where we investigate how the polymer structures observed during the simulations,...
09 Abdel Aziz Khaldi, Driss Nehari, Mohamed Aichouni, San Sait Eren Numerical investigations of AC electrokinetic forces to enhance the rate
of transport of reactants in a microchannel
B - concentration  of  bonded  molecules,... Lien
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