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01 Meriem Azzi The New Pedagogical Practices within the LMD System:
Perceptions of EFL Faculty Members
The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to enhance both the  teaching/learning process and the teaching profession,... Lien
K. Bouzidi , M. Chegaar
and M. Aillerie
Solar cells parameters evaluation from dark I-V
In this paper, a comparative analysis of three methods to determine the four solar cells parameters (the saturation  current (Is), the series resistance (Rs), the ideality factor (n),...  Lien
03 Samira MOUSSAOUI An Investigation of the Effects of Peer Evaluation in Enhancing
Algerian Students’ Writing Autonomy and Positive Affect
This paper reports the results of a study that was conducted on the effects of peer evaluation in promoting EFL students'  writing autonomy and their positive affect. The researcher used pre- and post-training surveys,... Lien
04 Nouara    Ziani,    Kaddour    Lamara,    Assia    Sid    ,    Quentin    Willem         
Benjamin    Dassonneville    , Albert    Demonceau   
Synthesis    of    pyrazoline    derivatives    from    the    1,3‐dipolar    cycloadditions    using   α,β‐unsaturated cyclohexanone    derivatives A    series    of    2‐pyrazolines    (3a‐d)    were    obtained    by    reaction    1,3‐dipolar    cycloadditions    of    α,β‐ unsaturated     cyclohexanone     derivatives     (2a‐c)     with     hydrazine     hydrate     and     4‐nitrophenylhydrazine    in    the    presence    of    acetic    acid    and    ethanol    as    solvents....    Lien
05 Messaoud Fatmi,Brahim Ghebouli, Mohamed Amine Ghebouli,Tayeb Chihi,
El-Hadj Ouakdi, Zein Abidin Heiba
Study of Precipitation Kinetics in Al-3.7 wt% Cu Alloy during
Non-Isothermal and Isothermal Ageing
Studies of transformation kinetics during ageing of Al-3.7 wt% Cu were performed by use
of X-ray diffraction and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) methods at....
06 Z. Boumous, S. Belkhiat
, F.Z. Kebbab
Effect of shearing deformation on the transient response of a traveling wave
ultrasonic motor
Some works take into account the shearing deformation of frictional material, but its effect on the transient response has not yet been considered. In this paper,... Lien
07 E. Nechadi, M.N. Harmas Power System Stabilizer Based on Global Fuzzy
Sliding Mode Control
Power  systems  stability  is  enhanced  through  a  novel  stabiliser developed around a fuzzy sliding mode approach. First,... Lien
08 Djamel Daoud, Tahar Douadi, Hanane Hamani, Salah Chafaa, Mousa Al-Noaimi Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by two new S-heterocyclic compounds
in 1 M HCl: Experimental and computational study
The inhibition ability of a new S-heterocyclic Schiff base (SB) and the corresponding amine (DBTDA)
towards mild steel corrosion in HCl solution was studied at various concentrations and temperatures
using weight loss,...
09 Malika Betrouche,Mustapha Maamache, Jeong Ryeol Choi Three-Dimensional Dirac Oscillator with Minimal Length: Novel Phenomena for Quantized Energy We study quantum features of the Dirac oscillator under the condition that the position and the momentum operators obey generalized commutationrelations that lead to the appearance of minimal length with the order of the Planck length,... Lien
10 A. Merouani, H. Amardjia-Adnani SPECTROSCOPIC FT-IR STUDY OF TiO2FILMS
TiO2thin films used like a photoanode in dye sentisitized solar cells (DSSC), ...
11 Nicola Döring, Kamel Lahmar, Mohamed Bouabdallah, Mohamed Bouafia, Djamel Bouzid, Gerhard Gobsch, Erich Runge German–Algerian Universi
Exchange from the Perspec
of Students and Teachers
Results of an Intercultural Survey
Academic exchange programs provide students and teachers with the opportunity to  study or work temporarily at educational institutions abroad. For exchange programs to  be successful in promoting intercultural education,... Lien
12 N. Bouras, M.A.Madjoubi, M. Kolli, S.Benterki, M. Hamidouche Thermal and mechanical characterization of borosilicate glass The aim of this work is to characterize thermally (dilatometric analysis) and mechanically a Pyrex type borosilicate glass. The mechanical tests (Vickers indentations,... Lien
13 Salah Akkal,Souheila Louaar,Merzoug Benahmed,Hocine Laouer, Helmut Duddeck
OF Retama sphaerocarpa
The genus Retama is located in the Atlas regions and the Sahara [1] (Arabic common name R'tem) and represented by three species in the flora of Algeria: Retama monosperma,.. Lien
In this note, we present a slight modi cation of an algorithm for the strict feasibility problem. This modification reduces the number of iterations. Lien
15 S. Guessoum, K. Maamri, M. Benidir, M. Hafsi Canopy Temperature Efficiency as Indicators for Drought Tolerance in Durum Wheat (Triticum DurumDesf.) in Semi Arid
Durum wheat (Triticum durumDesf.) is one of the more widely cultivated crops in the
Mediterranean basin, ...
16 S. Bouhelal, M. E. Cagiao,
D. Benachour,F. J. Baltà Calleja
Structure Modification of Isotactic Polypropylene through
Chemical Crosslinking: Toughening Mechanism
Reversibly crosslinked isotactic polypropylene (iPP) was prepared in the presence of dicumyl peroxide. The effects of the peroxide oxy-radicals in the... Lien
17 KOUIDERFERRIA, NAAMANELAOUAR NOUREDDINEBOUAOUADJA Acousto-optic method for liquids refractometry Various methods of liquids refractive index measurements were previously developed by others.
They differ however in the measurement accuracy,...
18 Emira Nechadi, Mohamed Naguib Harmas, Najib Essounbouli, Abdelaziz Hamzaou Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Power System Stabilizer
Using Nussbaum Gain
Power system stability is enhanced through a novel stabilizer developed around an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode approach which applies the Nussbaum gain to... Lien
19 HANNACHI  Abderrahmane,  FELLAHI  Zine  El  Abidine,  BOUZERZOUR
Hamenna, BOUTEKRABT Ammar
Correlation,  Path  Analysis  and  Stepwise  Regression  in  Durum  Wheat (Triticum  Durum Desf.) under Rainfed Conditions The  present  study  was  carried  at  the  Field  Crop  Institute- Agricultural  Experimental  Station  of
Setif  (Algeria)  during  2011/12  crop  season.  Correlation, ...
20 Ferhat TIGHILT,Abdelhafid BAYADI Computed voltage distribution in ZnO arrester under pollution by finite element method The  voltage  and  electric  field  distribution  in  an
arrester are very important for its long operation 15 kV with and  without  pollution.  In  order  to...
21 Abderrahmane Baghiani, Sabah Boumerfeg, Farida Belkhiri, Seddik Khennouf,
Noureddine Charef, Daoud Harzallah, Lekhmici Arrar, Mosaad Attia Abdel-Wahhab
Antioxidant and radical scavenging properties of Carthamus
caeruleus L extracts grow wild in Algeria flora
Four sub-fractions of Carthamus caeruleusL (which belongs to the family Asteraceae) root extracts,
i.e., methanol (CE), ...
22 Charef Noureddine,Arrar Lekhmici, Mohammad S. Mubarak Sorption Properties of the Iminodiacetate Ion Exchange
Resin, Amberlite IRC-718, Toward Divalent Metal Ions
The sorption properties of the commercially
available cationic exchange resin, Amberlite IRC-718, that has the iminodiacetic acid functionality,...
23 S. Bouhelal, M. E. Cagiao,
S. Khellaf,H. Tabet,
B. Djellouli,D.Benachour,F. J. Baltà Calleja
Nanostructure and Micromechanical Properties of Reversibly Crosslinked Isotactic Polypropylene/
Clay Composites
Recent developments concerning the methodology used to prepare composites of iPP and nanoclays
are reported....
24 Abdelouahab Bouzidi, Nadia Mahdeb,Nabila Kara Toxicity studies of alkaloids of seeds of Datura
stramoniumand synthesis alkaloids in male rats
The effects of acute, subacute and chronic administration of alkaloids atropine and scopolamine, the  main constituents of the active principle of  Datura stramonium,  with toxic properties, ... Lien
25 F. Sahnoune, M. Chegaar, N. Saheb, P. Goeuriot, F. Valdivieso Algerian kaolinite used for mullite formation In the present study, mullite was synthesized through reaction sintering of Algerian kaolinite and high purity alumina. The raw powders were wet ball milled in a planetary ball mill.... Lien
26 Habiba Boukhebti, Adel Nadjib Chaker, Hani Belhadj, Farida Sahli, Messaoud
Ramdhani, Hocine Laouer,Daoud Harzallah
Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of Mentha pulegium L.
andMentha spicata L. essential oils
The analysis and identification of essential oils hydrodistilated from two mint species (Mentha spicata
and  Mentha  pulagium)  by  means  of  gaz  chromatography and  mass  spectroscopy  was  realized  in  this  investigation.  In  addition,...
27 M. Hafsi, P. Monneveux, O. Merah A. Djekoune Carbon isotope discrimination and yield in durum wheat
grown in the high plains of Sétif (Algeria).
Contribution of different organs to grain filling
The three main objectives of the present study, carried out indurum wheat grown in the high-plains of
Sétif (Algeria),...
28 M. Benahmed, S. Akkal, S. Louaar, H. Laouer, H. Duddeck A new furanocoumarin glycoside from
Carum montanum(Apiaceae)
Fully flowered aerial parts ofCarum montanum(Coss. et Dur.) Benth. et Hook. endemic species (Quezel and Santa,1963) plant was collected from Megress Mountain (Eastern Algeria) at 1500 m above sea level,... Lien
29 khmici Arrar, Nadia Benzidane, Imane Krache, Noureddine Charef, Seddik Khennouf,Abderrahmane Baghiani Comparison between polyphenol contents and
antioxidant activities of different parts of Capparis
spinosa L
Capparis spinosa L., Capparidaceae is a shrub growing widely in Algeria. Aqueous and  methanolic extracts of five parts of the plant were studied for their polyphenol and ... Lien
30 Lynda Allouche,  Mohamed Hamadouche,  Abderrezek Touabti and  Seddik Khennouf Effect of Long-term Exposure to Low or Moderate Lead Concentrations
on Growth, Lipid Profile and Liver Function in Albino Rats
Effect of long-term exposure to low or moderate lead acetate (PbAc) on growth, serum lipid profile
and some biochemical parameters was investigated. Male albino rats were divided into ...
31 Khennouf Seddik, Iratni Nadjet, Baghiani Abderrahmane
,Harzallah Daoud,Arrar Lekhmici
Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of extracts from
Artemisia herba alba Asso. leaves and some phenolic
Artemisia  herba  alba  Asso.  (Compositae)  is  widely  used  in  the  Algerian  folk  medicine.  Phenolic
compounds present in this plant could be candidatesfor some of its biological activities and therefore
for its therapeutic use. In this study,...
32 Nacer-Eddine Demagh, Assia Guessoum and Hind Aissat Chemical etching of concave cone fibre
ends for core fibre alignment
Concave cone fabricated by a chemical etching process similar to the technique used to make fibre tips (convex cone) is presented. Typically,... Lien
33 A. Ferhat-Hamida, Z. Ouennoughi, A. Hoffmann, R. Weiss Extraction of Schottky diode parameters including
arallel conductance using a vertical optimization method
An improved method based on a computer-aided curve fitting technique that uses vertical optimization for the
simultaneous determination of...
34 S. BOUCETTA, T. CHIHI, B. GHEBOULI, M. FATMI First-principles study of the elastic and mechanical
properties of Ni3Al under high pressure
A first-principles study of the structural and elastic properties of the intermetallic compound Ni3
Al was undertaken,...
35 Madani Sari,Daniela M. Biondi,Mohamed Kaâbeche,Giuseppina Mandalari,Manuela D’Arrigo,Giuseppe Bisignano,Antonella Saija,Carmelo Daquino, Giuseppe Ruberto Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil of several populations of Algerian Origanum glandulosum Desf. Essential oils extracted by hydrodistillation from the aerial parts of 23 samples of Algerian Origanum
glandulosum Desf. ...
Swelling behavior and release properties of pH-sensitive
hydrogels based on methacrylic derivatives
The purpose of this study is to develop novel intestinalspecific drug delivery systems with pH sensitive swelling and drug release properties... Lien
37 Kamel Gharzoulia, 
Peter Holzer
Inhibition of Guinea Pig Intestinal Peristalsis by
the Flavonoids Quercetin, Naringenin, Apigenin
and Genistein
Flavonoids are known to relax precontracted intestinal
smooth muscle and to delay intestinal transit. We therefore investigated the effects of quercetin, ...
38 Hacène YAKHELF, Zahir FAR, Faissal GHOZLANE,
Toufik Madani, Michel MARIE
Evaluation de la durabilité des systèmes agropastoraux
bovins dans le contexte de la zone semi-aride
de Sétif (Algérie)
The IDEA diagnostic method was used in this study to evaluate the sustainability of dairy cattle agropastoral systems in the context of the semi-arid region of Sétif (Algeria). Moreover, ... Lien
Générateur à Plasma d’Arc à Air de 2 kW Une torche plasma d’arc à air de moins de 2 kW a été conçue et réalisée dans le laboratoire de recherche
QUERE de l’université de Sétif (Algérie)...
40 Hannachi A. , Fenni M. Etude floristique et écologique des mauvaises herbes des cultures de la région de Batna (Algérie). L’étude  des  mauvaises  herbes  des  cultures  de  la  région  de  Batna  durant  la  campagne agricole 2008/2009 a porté sur 114 relevés phytoécologiques réalisés  sur différentes cultures... Lien
41 Abdelouahab Moussaoui , Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed ,  Nabila Frahta Clustering par fusion floue de données  Application à la segmentation d'images IRM Dans cet article nous proposons une nouvelle architecture de fusion de données basée  sur la théorie possibiliste pour la segmentation des images médicales. Le processus de fusion est ... Lien
42 Nafissa. Khennafi-Benghalem 2013 L’année des premiers diplômés en métrologie en Algérie à l’ère
du LMD
2013 est l’année de la première promotion d’étudiants métrologues reconnus au grade de  Licence  à  l’ère  du  LMD  par  l’institut  d’optique  et  mécanique  de  précision  de  l’université  Ferhat
Abbas  Sétif1  Algérie....
43 Abdelghani Merdas , Bruno Fiorio, Nasr-Eddine Chikh Etude de l’adhérence des joncs et des plats composites au béton La technique Near Surface Mounted (NSM) a été utilisée ces dernières années pour le renforcement des
poutres en béton armé....
44 Yacine Slimani , Abdelouahab Moussaoui,
Yves Lechevallier, Ahlem Drif
Identification de communautés d’usage du web depuis un
graphe issu des fichiers d’accès
L’analyse du comportement des utilisateurs dans le processus de fouille de données d’usage du Web (Web Usage Mining) a suscité un intérêt croissant et fait l’objet de plusieurs travaux de recherches qui ont été proposés... Lien
45 K. Bouzidi, M. Chegaar, M. Aillerie Solar cells parameters evaluation from dark I-V
In this paper, a comparative analysis of three methods to determine the four solar cells parameters (the saturation current (Is),... Lien
46 A. Guechi, M. Chegaar, M. Aillerie Air mass effect on the performance of organic solar cells The objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of variations in global and diffuse solar spectral distribution due  to the variation of air mass on the performance of two types of solar cells,... Lien
47 Ahmed BOUCENNA THE GREAT SEASON CLIMATIC OSCILLATION he variations of water density and thermal conductivity of the oceans cold region  waters according to their salinity lead to suggest an hypothesis of an oscillating
climate between two extreme positions:...
48 Abdelmalek Boudjenouia, André Fleury, Abdelmalek Tacherift L’agriculture périurbaine à Sétif (Algérie) : quel avenir
face à la croissance urbaine?
L’agriculture  périurbaine  à  Sétif,  principalement  tournée  vers  les  productions  spécialisées  (céréales,  élevage),  garde  une  place importante. Son importance économique et sociale se mesure à l’ampleur de ses surfaces,... Lien
49 Abderrahmane Baghiani, Djamila Ameni, Sabah Boumerfeg, Moufida Adjadj, Meriem Djarmouni,
Noureddine Charef, Seddik Khennouf, Lekhmici Arrar
Studies of Antioxidants and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory
Potentials of Root and Aerial Parts of Medicinal Plant
Capparis Spinosa L.
Capparis spinosa aerial part and root extracts were prepared using solvents of varying polarity. Results
showed that ethyl acetate extract (EAE) of the aerial part contains the highest concentration of phenolic compounds and...
50 Zahia MEBARKI Factors Underlying the Reading Performance
of Algerian Microbiology Students
This study aims at identifying some of the factors that have a bearing on the reading achievement of ESP students. The research questions were:... Lien