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Adel Ouannas


Name: OUANNAS Adel
Grade: Professor assistant
Research interests: Nonlinear dynamics, chaos, control and synchronization
Email: ouannas_adel@yahoo.fr


• Diploma graduate in mathematics: 2003, Laarbi Ben M’hidi university, Algeria
• Magister degree in applied mathematics: 2006, University of constantine, Algeria
• Doctor of science in Applied Mathematics Analysis: 2015, University of constantine, Algeria

Selected publications

• Adel Ouannas, Giuseppe Grassi. A new approach to study the coexistence of some synchronization types between chaotic maps with different dimensions. Nonlinear Dynamics, DOI 10.1007/s11071-016-2966-z.(IMPACT FACTOR 3.000, Springer)

• Adel Ouannas, Giuseppe Grassi...

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