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Name: DJEDDAR Afrah
Grade: Phd student
Research interests: Software Architecture, Model Driven Engineering, Model transformation, Mobile Applications, Composition and Selection mechanisms, Context, context-aware and adaptability, Description language.
Email: afrah-djeddar@hotmail.fr


• Master on software engineering, 2013

Selected publications

• A. Djeddar, H. Bendjenna, A. Amirat, A. Amer Alwan. Developing Context-aware Mobile Applications Using Composition Process based-on heterogeneous software entities. Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Technology Research, Vol.5 No.3, June 2015, 93-103.

• Afrah Djeddar, Hakim Bendjenna, Abdelkrim Amirat, Philippe Roose and Lawrence Chung. “Context-Driven Composition for Mobile Applications: A Metamodeling Approach”, International journal of Embeded Systems (IJES) 2016, in press.

• A. Djeddar, H. Bendjenna, A. Amirat, P. Roose. Selection algorithm of contextual software entities for composing mobile applications. IEEE International Conference on Information Technology for Organizations Development, March 30-April I, 2016 Fez Morocco.

• A. Djeddar, H. Bendjenna, A. Amirat, M. Oussalah. Composition Process Based-on Heterogeneous Software Entities For Mobile Applications. International Conference on Advanced Computer Science Applications and Technologies (ACSAT’2014). University of Philadelphia, Amman-Jordon.