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Past projects

slide5 Mobile cloud simulation toolkit
By M. Gherari, A. Amirat, M. Laouar and A. Oussaleh

Mobile cloud computing lacks in tools of simulation of its aspects; to fill this gab we propose Mobile Cloud Simulation (MC-SIM) toolkits based on CloudSim. MC-Sim is an extension of CloudSim that add more package dedicated to simulate mobile entities such as mobile device, mobile application, and more other sub-entities needed during the simulation. The main difference from CloudSim, is that MC-SIM is design in manner that separate the modeling phase from the simulation phase. MC-Sim ensures high performance of tests that are open to variety and scalability since they are predefined in well specified order to be executed dynamically.

slide3 Composition of mobile applications
By A. Djeddar, H. Bendjenna, A. Amirat and P. Roose

The numbers and types of applications are becoming available on a variety of platforms for mobile devices is undeniably explosive. In order to better fulfil user’s expectations taking advantage from existing apps, we propose a technique for developing mobile device apps, through composition of existing homogeneous or heterogeneous apps (or software entities), that are context-aware – i.e., customize behaviour of the desired app according to the different execution environments and users’ needs. In order to evaluate the applicability and the effectiveness of this technique, a tool has been implemented to date, together with an application to a shop review app .

decision-making A decision support system
By I. Benatia, M. Laouar and H. Bendjenna

In this project we propose a Cloud based multiple criteria decision support system (MDSS) for Selecting Urban Sustainable Development Projects in order to help the decision makers to choose the best urban project with conflicting criteria. The MDSS is deployed on a platform Cloud (CloudBees) and managed by the OpenStack infrastructure. The Cloud based multiple criteria DSS we designed and implemented has significant advantages. It reduces the processing time, ameliorates the communication and the cooperation between decision makers and facilitates the accessibility.

slide4 Advanced Biometric Techniques
By A. Meraoumia, S. Chitroub and A. Bouridane

In recent years, biometric systems are used in a variety of applications like access control, surveillance systems and physical buildings, offering greater convenience and several advantages over traditional security. This project is investigating various biometric sources (face, iris, hand, fingerprint, and gait) and sensors (2D, 3D, infra-red, …) with the goal of developing more accurate biometric techniques. The obtained results on a medium-size database, show good identification performance based on individual modalities as well as after fusing multiple biometric types.