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Engineering of Information and Imaging Systems

The team is responsible for the following main areas:

  • Ongoing management of existing research information systems; supporting the development of new systems and their implementation; enhancing existing systems.
  • develops new methods and tools for solving complex learning and decision-making problems under conditions of uncertainty.
  • The exploration of management issues (governance) in information systems.
  • Developing and enhancing business processes to improve the efficiency of data entry and to ensure the consistency, completeness and accuracy of all research-relevant data.
  • Develop new and efficient image processing techniques, imaging systems, and their applications to information engineering, biology, and medical science.
This team is headed by Mohamed Ridda Laouar. pic2_4
Name Function
LAOUAR Mohamed Ridda Professor – head of the team
DJEDDI Chawki Associate professor
BENNOUR Akrem Associate professor
BRADJI Louardi Associate professor
GATTAL Abdeljallil Associate Professor
HAOUAM Med Yassine Assistant professor – Phd student
AZZEDINE Abdelghafour Assistant professor – Phd student
MEKHAZNIA Tahar Assistant professor – Phd student
BENDIB Issam Assistant professor – Phd student
GHARBI Abdelhakim Assistant professor – Phd student
BENATIA Imene Phd student
MAGHMOULI Hadjer Phd student
BOUDJEMAA Khelifa Phd student
TABET Khaoula Phd student
ACHOURI Mounir Phd student
SAHRAOUI Abdelatif Phd student
HEMILI Mohamed Phd student
GHERARI Manel Phd student