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Dynamic, elliptical and chaotic Systems

The work of this team is structured primarily in four areas:

  • Fundamental Mathematics.
  • Applied Analysis.
  • Probability and statistics.
  • Evolution of systems and Modeling.
The Team is headed by Rebiai Belgacem. pic22_4
Name Function
REBIAI Belgacem Associate professor – the head of the team
SAOUDI Khaled Associate professor
Zarai Abderrahmane Associate professor
MESLOUB Fatiha Associate professor
BOUKHALFA El Hafsi Professor assistant – Phd student
BENZAHI Mourad Professor assistant – Phd student
LAMAIRIA Abdelhakim Professor assistant – Phd student
DRAIFIA Alaaedine Phd student
AOULMI Asmaa Phd student
BEKAR Menaceur Phd student
TALAB Ibrahim Phd student