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Welcome to the University of Latbi Tbessi, Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Systems (LAMIS). The Laboratory was established in 2012. It is an organization within the Department of Mathematics, and Computer Science, Faculty of exact sciences, life and natural sciences at the University of Laarbi Tbessi, Tebessa, Algeria. Professor Mohamed Ridda Laouar is the director of the laboratory.
At the LAMIS lab we have a strong team of people with diverse expertise, talents and interest areas. LAMIS is a community of mathematical and computer scientists. The Laboratory undertakes research in a broad range of subjects within the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. Current research areas include computer architecture, computer vision, distributed systems, Image and signal processing, logic and semantics, natural language processing, networking and wireless communication, operating systems and virtualization, and sustainable computing.


The laboratory is divided into four teams with clearly identified research themes. At present there are about fourty six (46) members. A further 23 postgraduates are engaged in research for the PhD. It is thanks to the efforts of all of our committed team members that we are able to conduct such successful research studies.

Engineering of Information and Imaging Systems pic2_4 Mohamed Ridda Laouar
Distributed and Intelligent Systems cp_08 Hakim Bendjenna
Analyse and Applied Mathematics pic32_5 Kamel haouam
Dynamic, elliptical and chaotic Systems pic22_4 Rebiai Belgacem

The LAMIS is housed in the old building of Laarbi Tbessi university, search block, 4th floor. Contact details and instructions for how to get to the Laboratory can be found on contacts page.


The LAMIS receives continuing support from the Ministry of higher education and scientific research.