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Do not imagine that studying at Larbi Al-Tebsi University is easy and simple, but you can imagine how useful it is and how many prospects your academic formation gives you

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The choice of specialization for registration depends on the average obtained by the student in the baccalaureate exam, which allows him to choose from a range of specializations during the registration process on the ministry’s website. It is a mistake to rely on the labor market in choosing a major. Rather, the student must choose the major that is in line with his / her academic desires and inclinations so as not to lose the fun of achievement, which is an important factor in the student’s success in academic achievement and progress in his field of specialization.

After the student selects a list of ten majors and records them on the ministry’s website, he is directed to a specific major, according to the acceptance rate in each major, which changes according to the registration rate data and vacant seats in the same specialty from one university to another and from one year to another.

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Al-Arabi University provides, through its distance learning platform, all means and capabilities available in the field of informatics for students and professors to communicate and download lessons. It also provides electronic publishing service for the notes and dissertations that have been discussed, and the university always strives for leadership in all fields

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