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The Director of the University of Larbi Tebessi – Tébessa, on behalf of the entire university family, warmly welcomes international students of all nationalities, wishing them a good stay at the university and in the ancient city of Tébessa, and all the success in their academic path, and that they will receive all the support and care that accompanies them throughout their studies within our establishment. And that the university administration is working hard, in coordination with the University Services Department, to ensure all the
conditions of comfort and to create adequate conditions for their training and their stay during this period.

international students réception office

Administrator: TATAR Abdellah

tel : (213)666.724.564/551.664.058


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Reception and formation of international students

The University of Larbi Tebessi- Tebessa receives (since its inception), within the framework of cooperation and exchange between universities, and within the framework of agreements in the field of higher education that link Algeria with some friendly sister countries and within the limits of available pedagogical seats, foreign students of various nationalities to receive training in one of the specializations available at the university, and this is done according to the regulation in force in the field of registration of foreign students, through the guardian ministry, i.e. the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, where international students receive special treatment in implementation of the instructions of the guardian ministry, as after receiving licenses to register foreign students and equivalence certificates. An office has been allocated at the level of the Directorate’s Prosecution for higher education to receive this group of students in the best conditions and in particular, and to provide them with all instructions and directives while providing them with all facilities to complete their registration procedures, and the Directorate’s Prosecution takes care of the pedagogical aspect, starting from registration until graduation, while giving them one ticket during their educational path to return to their countries, and giving them priority in granting them final graduation certificates. The Directorate of University Social Services undertakes the service side of accommodation, feeding, transportation, etc



Academic mobility allows students to complete part of their studies at the bachelor’s or master’s level in another university institution across the …

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