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Business Incubators

The institutions incubators are a support system for youth projects that contribute to transforming their projects from mere abstract ideas to embodied projects. They also help the project to succeed and overcome all obstacles and difficulties.

The Entrepreneurial

Through the Entrepreneurial office, students receive training courses in managing future projects and how to plan them


The university provides health support through the multi-service clinic, and its staff ensure awareness and organize vaccination solutions.

Student Clubs

Scientific and literary clubs are part of student life, as they work to activate and organize scientific and literary seminars
Top view of sound engineers at wooden table working in studio.


Students engage in sports life through university teams in various sports in addition to participating in individual sports tournaments …


In view of the importance of mastering foreign languages in the acquisition of knowledge for university students, the Language Center of our university provides our students with a distinguished training

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About Echahid Cheikh Larbi Tebessi university

Echahid Cheikh Larbi Tebessi university is a beacon of science and culture that spreads its light on the ancient city of Tebessa, with its history that extends through the ages, full of exploits and heroics for its men of scholars, martyrs and heroes who immortalized their memory in the battlefields and sacrifice for freedom.