Pr. gouasmia abdelkrim


professeur en chimie,

Université Larbi tebessi -tebessa


The Rectorate is placed under the authority of the Rector, it is the governing body of the university. The rector is responsible for the general functioning of the university while respecting the prerogatives of its other bodies. He is assisted by a board of directors comprising the vice-chancellors and the deans of faculties. As such: he represents the university in justice and in all acts of civil life, he exercises hierarchical authority over all staff, it enters into any market, convention, contract and agreement within the framework of the regulations in force, it ensures the application of the laws and regulations in force in terms of education and schooling, he is the main authorizing officer of the university budget, it issues operating credit delegations to deans of faculties, directors of institutes and, where applicable, annexes, he gives delegation of signature to the deans of faculties, to the directors of institutes and, where applicable, of annexes, he appoints the university staff for whom another method of appointment is not provided, it takes any appropriate measure to improve the university’s training and research activities while respecting the powers of its other bodies, he ensures compliance with the internal regulations of the university whose project he draws up and submits to the board of directors for approval, he is responsible for maintaining order and discipline within the university, it issues diplomas by delegation from the minister responsible for higher education, it ensures the custody and conservation of the archives.