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The University’s participation in the World Environment Day 05 June 2022

Larbi Tebessa University of Tebessa participated in the celebration of the “World Environment Day” with a project based on the principles of green economy, based on its awareness of the importance of sustainable development.

The world celebrates the “World Environment Day”, which is held this year under the slogan “We only have one land”, and calls for transformative changes in policies and choices, to enable living in harmony with nature, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable. In this celebration, the University was represented by the Technology and Innovation Support Center, where Dr. Khaled Rice presented his project, which is to reclaim forests that have been degraded and damaged as a result of burning accidents. And by using modern technology that does not use irrigation and direct watering of crops, by creating a model forest for fruit trees that depends on self-irrigation and organic fertilizer that is extracted from the technological chain that he recently invented and for which he obtained two patents.

This project has received the approval of the local authorities in their various departments, headed by the Wali of the state, which prompted him to encourage the university to hold a study day on the project under his supervision at the state headquarters and in the presence of all concerned departments, and supervision by Mr. Khalaf Allah Saber, the director of the environment and his staff.

The celebration was held in the amusement forest in the municipality of Bakariya, with the participation of all official sectors and civil society associations, in a way that reflected strong interest in the environmental issue from various parties.
On the “World Environment Day”, the university renews its commitment to work tirelessly to develop and encourage programs and projects that aspire to build a sustainable future that takes into account the balance of the requirements of economic and social growth, and the entitlements of preserving the environment.