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Ministerial circular on initial registration and guidance for baccalaureate holders, session June 2021

On Tuesday, June 29, 2021, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the ministerial circular regarding initial registration and guidance for holders of a baccalaureate degree, Joan 2021 course, was signed at various university institutions entitled University Year 2021-2022. The new baccalaureate, directing them towards the various fields of training, its branches and specializations, and their final registration in higher education institutions.

This publication is characterized by relying on digitization in the various stages of the initial registration, and activating the electronic payment mechanism for registration rights.

An amendment has been made to the additional pedagogical conditions for admission to registration in some specializations, at the request of the students and their parents, by adopting the weighted average calculated between the average in the baccalaureate certificate and some marks of the basic subjects obtained in the division.

As an example: The acceptance rate for initial registration in medical sciences is as follows: 

With regard to the opening of new trainings, a new National Higher School for Mathematics and a new National Higher School for Artificial Intelligence have been opened in the New Pole in Sidi Abdallah, Algiers.

The directive procedure was also maintained by adopting a minimum number of desires estimated at (06) options, and a maximum of desires with (10) options.

Admission to the Higher Schools of Professors is subject to success in an oral interview before a panel. The interview can be conducted in person within the guidance school or in person at another university institution.

With regard to the sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities, a medical certificate proving good health is required.

New baccalaureate holders belonging to elite athletes, in active status, and recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports are allowed to register in the field of science and technology of physical and sports activities without the minimum average requirement.

The candidates who failed in the admission choices for the national higher schools for teachers and the fields of sciences and technologies for physical and sports activities will be taken into account by automatically directing them.

The process of directing baccalaureate holders to paramedical specialties, which are under the tutelage of the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, has been renewed at the level of the registration link via the line shown below.

You can find an Android version of the publication at the link:

« TawdjihCom »

Pre-registration, orientation and final registration for new baccalaureate holders are done online exclusively.

In order to carry out these operations, two websites have been designated for the benefit of these people, which are:

In order to facilitate access to these two websites, a free link has been allocated for the benefit of new baccalaureate holders at the level of the Internet spaces open for this purpose at the level of higher education institutions.

All the information necessary to understand the initial registration process, orientation and final registration is available on the Baccalaureate 2021 holders portal:

This publication attached to the guide for the new baccalaureate holder can be downloaded on all digital media (computer device, electronic board or smart phone).